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The beauty of African culture is clouded by the lack of knowledge and information about the culture. Many African cultures are practiced around the world, and many people have no idea it originated from Africa. My goal is to shed some light on African culture through clothing. I want to bring African clothing material to the western world using unique designs that are irresistible to the eyes. My name is Daniel Betiku, CEO of Betiku clothing. I was born and raised in Nigeria until I was the age of 11. For most of my life in the United States, I felt like I was losing my culture. This changed when I got to college, I met many people like myself from different parts of the world trying to relearn their cultures. Clothing is one of the most important medium I used to relearn my own culture. My goal is to take that culture with me everywhere and globally. I hope you all love this project, thank you all
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At betiku clothing our goal is to provide our customers with never-ending unique designs, top quality, and immaculate customer satisfaction. ​ We know the price and quality of our products are enough to keep people coming back, but we’re also highly committed to customer happiness and giving our customers a shopping experience they won’t find elsewhere. 

    We take pride in offering our valued customers creative

collections for each season. Try us out for yourself and

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